Print Finishing Options


Scoring means mechanically creasing a job. It prevents thick stock from surface
splitting along a fold, leaving a ragged, unsightly edge. Greeting cards and covers on stock heavier than 200gsm are scored before being folded.


Our folding machines produce a clean, accurate fold or folds for your jobs. When
specifying multiple folding for a job (for example an A4 sheet folded twice down to DL size) always consider which way a reader will view your job as it unfolds
again - a tri-fold (also known as a roll fold) unfolds differently to a z-fold. Both cost the same, but look different as the job is unfolded back to flat.


We supply both steel wire binding and plastic comb binding. Both binding is supplied with a clear top cover and a 300gsm leather grain bottom cover. Wire and plastic combs come in a range of colours and sizes to suit jobs between 10 pages and up to about 200 pages.


Saddlestitched jobs have two steel staples in the spine .Saddlestitched jobs always have a page count in multiples of 4. They may have a cover of heavier stock, or stock of a different finish than the text. Jobs of up to 72 pages can be saddlestitched, after which they become too thick for the staples to be effective.

Burst Binding

Burst binding creates a square flat back to your job. A paperback book is a good example of burst binding. A Burst bound book needs to be at least 60 pages thick to be effectively bound.

Pocket Lamination

Lamination offers much more substantial protection as a whole. Encapsulation puts a printed sheet in a sandwich of two pieces of polycarbonate. It’s tough, waterproof and great for menus and other pieces that need to look good and stay that way in hostile environments.

Cold Lamination

Cold laminates will enhance, protect, preserve and give stability to your Posters and signage etc. Cold lamination provides a durable way to protect and enhance almost any type of printed material. It will improve the quality of materials by enhancing colour and contrast and can even provide a glossy “wet” look. Cold Laminating will protect from pills, Rain, Grease, Chemicals, Smudges, Fingerprints and Sun. We supply Cold laminates in Gloss, Matte and Sandex depending on you final visual and usage requirements.


Celloglazing gives a luxurious gloss or satin finish often found on upmarket paperbacks. We also use it on business cards and similar items. The alternative that offers the same luxurious finish is called uv varnising, which is over printed onto your job.


Thermofusion is a digital process which gives a similar result to uv spot varnishing. A clear foil is used to produce a permanant, more glossy effect to selected pictures or text. No dies, film or plates is required for ths process.


Foiling is a digital process which gives a Matalic result. A matalic foil is used to produce a permanant matalic effect to selected pictures or text. Foils are available in high reflective shine or matt. No dies, film or plates is required for ths process.
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